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Tracht Workshop Presentation Available

At the 2015 Gaufest in Milwaukee, Vroni Menzinger from the Trachtenverein D'Würmtaler Menzing in München, gave an excellent presentation about Tracht titled "What to Wear When."  Festtracht, Tanztracht, Tanzgwand, Boarisch Gwand -- so many variations!  The Powerpoint presentation shown at the workshop is now available on this website under "Resources/ Tracht."  Nearly 80 slides with numerous photos take the reader through the history, etiquette, and problems of Tracht.  Vroni also showed a brief video of one way of folding and pinning a shawl.  The video is available as a separate link.  Once you're at the Tracht section of the website, click on the links to view on-line or download.  Many thanks to Vroni for giving us such an interesting workshop!

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