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Time to Ring in the New Year -- Allgäuer Style!

The Allgäuer Gauverband has a fairly new tradition of ringing in the new year with cow bells (rather than shooting off fireworks).  It was a project started by their 1er Gauvorplattler Christoph Zweng.  They call it Allgäu Schealat.  Last year the Allgäuer Gauverband asked if Gauverband Nordamerika might join them in ringing in the New Year.  Several Vereine did, and we were able to video that we compiled with them.  Here’s a link to last year’s video.
I know that most of us don’t have cow bells, but some do.  And some Vereine have rather large cow bells.  If you are able, please give us a good ring at midnight – German time zone, your time zone, whatever works.  If you have a chance to record it, we can again pull that together and send it to our Allgäuer friends.
In the meantime, Cathy and I wish everyone ein erfolgreiches und gesundes neues Jahr und einen guten Rutsch ins Jahr 2024.
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