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Special Tour Planned for Löwe/Gaufest Weekend

Those going to the Bayerischer Löwe/Allgäuer Gaufest are being offered a wonderful opportunity to get to know more Trachtler in the Allgäu, see interesting sights, eat Kässpätzen, hear Alphorns, and visit a Vereinsheim. D’Wageggler’s neighboring Trachtenverein--Koppachtaler Altusried--has a great excursion planned for us on Friday. A bus will leave the Festzelt in Haldenwang at 11 am, taking us to Altusried 20 minutes away. Members of the Verein will take us on a tour of the renowned Freilichtbühne, an open air theater that seats 2500 people. It is the site of a play about the history of the Allgäu that has been performed yearly for 135 years as well as numerous musical and theater productions. We’ll go back to their Trachtenheim to enjoy lunch together—Allgäuer Kässpatzen, a delicious specialty of the area. After that they'll give a tour of their Heimatmuseum showing the area’s history and culture and spend some time in their Trachtenheim. From there, a tour of a 450-year-old restored and rebuilt mill that is along the Koppach river will be our last stop. Included will be a short program that includes an Alphorn performance. Cost of this tour is 20 Euros/person. Please take advantage of this special afternoon to spend with fellow Trachtenkameraden. They are excited to welcome us!  Let Rudy Leschke know if you’d like to attend (  See the flyer below or click here to download it.  Link to Website about Altusried

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