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Results from Preisplatteln um den bayerischen Löwe

submitted 20October2008 by C. Marquardt. Bayerischer Löwe Preisplatteln was held on October 18, 2008 in the Heide Volm Gasthaus in Planegg on the outskirts of Munich. It was hosted by the Isargau and Gerhard Ruhsdorfer, 1. Gauvorplattler did an excellent job as moderator. The Buam and Gruppen Preisplatteln was held in the main hall and the Dirndl Drahn and Jugend Einzelplattlen were held in smaller rooms. Barbara and Leo Mayer, Denver were Preisrichter. 2.Gauvorstand Kenny Ott, 1. Gauvorplattler Mark LaCourse, Gaubibliothekar Michael Rase and Gaubeisitzerin Carolyn Marquardt were there to wish the participants "good luck".



  • Buam Aktiv I - Kyle Ott (Cleveland) placed 23/35 score: 339.5; Chris Collins (Denver) placed 24/35 score: 337.5. First place Buam Aktiv I was Martin Probst, Lechgauverband score: 360.5.
  • Deandl Aktiv I - Taylor Barker (Toledo) placed 7/32 score: 344.5; Kristen Collins (Denver) placed 12/32 score: 338.5. First place in Deandl Aktiv I was Hedwig Probst, Lechgauverband score: 355.0.
  • Buam Aktiv II - Erich Hetzel (Cleveland) placed 7/27 score: 356.0; Michael Rase (Denver) placed 15/27 score: 349.5.
  • Deandl Aktiv II - Sonya Hetzel (Cleveland) placed 7/29 score: 340.5; Maria Rase (Denver) placed 8/29 score 339.0; Janet Malofiy (UGH) placed 16/29 score: 323.5.
  • Buam Altersklasse - Hans Menzinger (Chicago) placed 6/18 score: 342.5; Wolfgang Wiewel (Cleveland) placed 10/18 score: 337.0.
  • Deandl Altersklasse - Anita Knoll (Detroit) placed 1/7 score: 349.5; Kathy Bruni (Seattle) placed 5/7 score: 327.0; Nancy Wiewel (Cleveland) placed 7/7 score: 318.5.
  • Buam Ehrenklasse - Rudy Hermes (Cleveland) placed 4/8 score: 338.5. Roger Mowery (Seattle) placed 5/8 score: 336.5.
  • Deandl Ehrenklasse - Barbara Hermes (Cleveland) placed 3/5 score: 326.0.
  • Gruppen Aktiv - United German Hungarians (Oakford, PA) placed 6/15 score: 659.0. The first place group was Peiting Lechgauverband with a score of 712.0.

Complete results: Ergebnisse

Great interview with Mark LaCourse, 1.Gauvorplattler:,1518,585057,00.html


Congratulations to all the Trachtler from Gauverband Nordamerika who particiated in the Preisplatteln um den bayerischen Löwe. World Schuhplatteln Champions! We are proud of you!! 

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