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Procedures for requesting Library Materials

The index is 61 pages long so you may not want to print it out without narrowing down your search first!
You can sort any column quickly by clicking on the arrows in Row 1. For instance, if you're interested in Schuhplattler dances, go to column G, click on the arrow and select "Schuhplattler" and you'll see an index that contains only the Schuhplattlers that are in the library. Any line item that is NOT a Schuhplattler is hidden from view.
If you then wanted to refine your search even more, to only those Schuhplattlers that have written instructions, go to Column H, click on the arrow and select "Yes."
To get the original index back, go the columns you have sorted and select "All" from the arrow key menu.
You can also do a general search of the entire index by pulling down the "Edit" menu, select "Find" and fill in what you're searching for. Unsure of the spelling? Put only the part of the word you're sure of. You'll move through the index a little slower but it may help you find it.
You may notice that some line items are highlighted in yellow. This is because this information is not applicable to Bavaria or Austria. For instance, the library does contain some Swiss music, Northern German dances, and even dances of other countries. Since this information is not part of the Gauverband's purpose, it is highlighted so that you'll know it's out of range. Why is it even contained in the index? Because it is part of the library's collection & often the songs/dances are part of a larger book or manuscript.
Order items by their "Chron" number (column A) -- it's even better if you can include the whole line when you order.
"Inquire" in the price column is there because that particular item has to be ordered. Ask the Gaubibliothekar for more information.
The "Books" worksheet is an inventory of all the books in the library. These books are not available to borrow per the Gauverband's bylaws but are available for viewing at Gaufeste and Delegates Meetings. Contact the Gaubibliothekar if you have questions.
Questions? Don't hesitate to contact the Gaubibliothekar.
Mit Trachtengruss,
Michael Rase, Gaubibliothekar


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