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New Nominations Procedure for 2018 Delegates Meeting

Jan. 31, 2018 Deadline for Nominations!

During the 2016 Delegates Meeting, a vote was made to change our nominations process. A committee, appointed by the Gauvorstand, was tasked with developing a process that would allow potential candidates to announce their interest in running for a Gauausschuß position prior to the Delegates Meeting. Armed with this information before the Delegates Meeting, the Gauverband Vereine would now have an opportunity to discuss the candidates and make an informed choice.

We developed a nomination form that will allow all candidates, including incumbents, to tell the Gauverband who they are, the Office for which they are running, how they are involved within their Verein and the Gauverband, and what they can offer to the Gauverband from their personal skill sets. Candidates will also supply a picture that will be attached to the nomination form so the Vereine can put a face to the name.

You can find and download the nomination form below and under "About Us/Meetings" on the Gauverband website. Completed forms, including a picture, should be emailed back to the Nominations Committee at All candidates, including incumbents, must fill out (submit) a form! Trachtlers who wish to run for more than one position should submit a separate form for each office for which they want to run. Keep in mind that each nomination form you submit should be written with a focus on the individual Office you are pursuing. For example, if you would like to run for Vorplattler, but would also be of great service to the Gauverband as a Revisor, fill out a form for each position.

All forms received by January 31, 2018, will be included in the Delegates Meeting package that is sent out to the Gauverband Vereine by the Gauschriftführer. At the time the package is sent out, all forms received will be posted as a link on the Gauverband website. Nomination forms will continue to be accepted via email and posted to the Gauverband website prior to the Delegates Meeting. Forms received within two weeks of the Delegates Meeting and through Sunday morning at the election will be posted at the Delegates Meeting but not on the website. Nominations from the floor will still be accepted on Sunday morning at the Delegates Meeting.

Questions about the new nomination form may be emailed to us at

We hope that you will find this new process exciting and informative!

Mit Trachtengruß,

  • Erik Schwarze (Die Gemütlichen Schuhplattler, Anaheim)
  • Cindy Regenfuss (SVEV D'Oberlandler, Milwaukee)
  • Robert Eppinger (GTV Almrausch, Philadelphia)

Nominations Form as Word Document to Fill Out   (note: when downloaded and opened as a Word document, the underscores will be correct)   

Nominations Committee Procedure (this article) as Word Document

Nominations Committee Procedure and Form as PDF

(first published 10/31/2017; republished 01/06/2018)



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