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Kinder & Jugend Activities at the Gaufest

Are you attending the “Down the Shore” Gaufest?

I have been busy with the Edelweiss Passaic Hosts in planning several activities for the Jugend and the Jugend leaders who will be attending the Gaufest.

If you are checking in to the Gaufest on Thursday (or before) and you plan to visit the Biergarten, but you do not know where your “under 21 years olds” can go? We will have a place for them in the “Kinderzimmer”.  It will be a great place for them to come and meet others as the weekend gets started!

If you are the leader of the Kindergruppe, or someone who works with the kids in your Verein and you are attending the Gaufest, I would like to meet with you for an informal meet and greet workshop Thursday evening.

Friday morning will be busy with lots of Einzel activities for all ages.  For the younger couples, if they are having a hard time getting into a practice room, they can use the Kinderzimmer to meet their partners and do a little practicing.  They will need to dance on the rug, but it is still better than no place to meet.

Until around 3:00, Jugend will be part of the Einzelplattler line up.  Please support the current Jugend and the “older” Jugend who will be dancing.  After the Einzelplattler activities, all musician and singers are requested to come to the Kinderzimmer.  Friday afternoon, the musicians and singers meet each other, run through of the song that will be sung in the Bauernmesse and practice together the songs that will be played by the Jugendkapelle.   If you know anyone interested in singing or playing an instrument, please let me know so I can send you the music.

Saturday, after the Gruppenpreisplattler, we will have the Kinder workshop.  This is another time to meet each other and we will have several activities, including a story (a new Pixi book from Germany), music, dancing and crafts.  Water and some snacks for the kids will be provided!

Sunday, the Jugendkapelle will play while everyone is getting their lunch.  During the Festtag, we will have the Jugend Gauplattler and also a demonstration, by the Jugend of the dance from the workshop.

If you have any questions, requests or suggestions, please contact me at

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Gaufest!

Diane Meck, Jugendvertreterin

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