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Tracht for Competition - Clarification

The report from our May Gaupreisrichter training included the following statement regarding Tracht for competition (click for announcement & minutes):

Acceptable Tracht for competition includes Festtracht, Halbtracht or Spencergwand/Schoßerl. Each must be worn with a hat. A soft Mieder is not acceptable for either Einzelpreisplatteln or Gruppenpreisplatteln (note that Jugendeinzelpreisplatteln Tracht rules allow a soft Mieder and do not require a hat).

The Dance Officers work to achieve consistent interpretation of the rules among our judges but can’t change our rules. That needs to be accomplished at a Delegates meeting.

The current Tracht rules state that Tracht for competition requires a Mieder and Shawl for the Dirndl (Festtracht). Judges have exercised discretion for Einzelpreisplatteln competition in the past, not deducting points for a Schosserl or Halbtracht, and we have agreed to continue that. However, Gruppen has never deviated from our written Tracht rules and it is our expectation that these rules be met for our upcoming competition.


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