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Help Wanted for Jugend Activities at Gaufest

Although it is only April, it is time to seek volunteers for the Gaufest in Buffalo in July. I am hoping to see Jugend (little and bigger) participating in the various offerings that will be at the Gaufest. However, in order to make this all successful, I will need help. Here is what I am seeking:

Jugend Einzelplattln Competition:

  • Judges (adults)
  • Critiquers (adults)
  • Helpers with paperwork (16 years old and older) (Community Service hours available)


  • Assistance with crafts, songs, dancing (another opportunity for service hours) (Adults and older Jugend are needed)


  • Jugend Choir Members (this is for little through beginning college age).  This will be a Gaufest first: to have a song performed by the Gaujugend. A song has been selected and singers are needed! Contact me so I can send you the music and you can give me the names and ages of those who are interested.

If you will be attending the Buffalo Gaufest and you are willing to help me or if you have questions about the help I need, please contact me at

Diane Meck, Gaujugendvertreterin

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