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Haldenwang Update #6

This note was sent to the contact person I have listed for each of the Vereine going to Haldenwang. Please share this with your group. Link to roster & tour info.

I have attached the roster of the Vereine going. This includes the count for your Verein, whether you plan on doing an Ehrentanz, whether you are bringing a flag, and who is participating in the Kempten Tour on Wednesday and the Altusried trip on Friday. It’s the latest info I have, but I’m sure there will be errors. If you find one, please send me a quick note with corrections.

I’ve also attached info on the Kempten and Altusried Tours. D’Wageggler have organized these for us and both look like a worthwhile outing.

The Trachtplan that Karin Dean-Kraft put together for us was also attached to the email note. The plan is posted on the Gau Website, but I attached it just be sure you have it. It goes over the schedule and what we should wear for various events.  Click here to view.

Lastly, Stephen Hargreaves is managing our flower orders which were due by May 16.

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