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Gau-NA "Family Tree" Ready to View: Vote for your Favorite

Remember the Family Tree project from last summer? The purpose was to build a “Family Tree” that would show how the Vereine within the Gauverband fit together – who is Patenverein or Patenkind. It’s turned out to be quite an eye opener of relationships! We received many answers to our online survey and also looked through the Gau-Chronik and Gauzeitung articles. Artist Fritz Sheffler compiled those answers into three different visual displays. Many Gauverband Vereine don’t have a flag, so there is no Patenverein. However, these Vereine are still shown on the designs.

Now it’s your turn to vote on which one is your favorite design! Click on the Link to Artwork to view each Family Tree design as well as the source spreadsheet with the information. After that, we’d like you to vote on your favorite design (Vote Here), comment on any of them, and give us any corrections you think need to be made. The project isn’t exactly an official Gauverband venture; it’s more “just for fun.” But, of course, accuracy is also a goal, and that’s why we’d like to know of any corrections needed. After we’re as sure as possible that the Tree is accurate (and Fritz finishes making it even more beautiful!), we’ll post the favorite on the website for you to download, print, and hang next to the beautiful map of Vereine that came out last year.

Grüsse,  Fritz Sheffler, Christine Ott, Karin Dean-Kraft

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