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Erik Schwarz appointed as Gaubeisitzer

I would like to announce the appointment of Erik Schwarz, of BV Alpengrün, Rochester, to the position of Director of the Gauverband Nordamerika. I have known Erik for 30 years and trust he will do an excellent job in his newly appointed position.

Pursuant to our Bylaws, Article IV, Paragraph C.1, “… the 1.Gauvorstand shall appoint successor(s) to fulfill the unexpired term…”. Due to the recent passing of long-time Director Paul Ulrich, this appointment became necessary. Erik will attend our next Executive Board Meeting being held in March and assume the role of Director.

Erik started his Trachtler career with BC Almenrausch, Syracuse, where he learned to dance, play accordion and speak German. He is currently the Vorplattler for BV Alpengrün, Rochester, and accordionist for SV Heidengold, Rochester. Recently Erik has been instrumental in fostering a better working relationship and co-operation between these two Vereine. Please join me in congratulating Erik and wishing him success in his new position.

Thomas Vogt, 1.Gauvorstand


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