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Bay. Löwe: Order Flowers by May 16

D'Wageggler has graciously arranged for a local flower shop to help coordinate flowers for members of Gau-NA attending the Bayerischer Löwe and Gaufest in May/June 2018 We have to submit one order to D'Wageggler prior to the Gaufest to ensure delivery. Any orders received or changed after the deadline might not be included in our order. The cost of the flowers is either 1 Euro or $1.25 for each carnation or Ruskus greenery (the florist didn't recommend the ferns). Direct questions to Stephen Hargreaves via Facebook or by email at shargreav@aol.comOrders are due by Wednesday, May 16.  Stephen will be at the Delegates Meeting if you want to talk to him in person.  The flower form (with all details) is available to download as a Word file or a PDF.  Flower form as WordFlower form as PDF.

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