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About Steingaden & the Lechgaufest Host Verein

HTV Almfrieden of Steingaden is the host of the 93. Lechgau-Trachtenfest this year. The latest issue of the Heimat- und Trachtenbote had an article in it about the Verein and the city of Steingaden. The article is linked at the end of this post. Almfrieden was started in 1909, and they are hosting their 9th Lechgaufest. Their Vereinsfahne was blessed that same year and has been through two restorations. This year the Verein will celebrate the Fahnenweihe of their all new flag in conjunction with the Lechgaufest. Almfrieden has over 230 members who wear the Lechtaler Tracht as well as a group of ladies who wear historic Tracht. They have active dance groups of all ages, a music group, and a Goasslschnalzer group. The town of Steingaden has been around for a while -- Welf VI founded the the Kloster (monastery) Steingaden in 1147 before leaving on a crusade to the Holy Land. Since then the famous and beautiful Wieskirche was built, which is a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town has a population of 2800 and 3 Trachtenvereine! In 1939 the communities of Urspring, Fronreiten, and Lauterbach were added to Steingaden, so that the town now boasts 3 Trachtenvereine who work harmoniously together. Read more about the Verein (including a beautiful group photo) and Steingaden in this article: HTB Article

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