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28. Gaufest Rescheduled to July 7-10, 2022!

That's right -- 2022! The Gaufest hosted by Edelweiss Passaic has been rescheduled to July 7-10, 2022.  This unusual step was approved by the delegates who attended the (first ever!) Special Delegates Meeting on Sunday, November 15. Be sure to save the new date!

Delegates from 61 Vereine, the Gauausschuss, and representatives from Edelweiss Passaic met in a Zoom meeting to discuss the reasons why moving the date to 2022 is the best option for the Gauverband and for the host Verein. Circumstances for 2021 would have resulted in masking, social distancing, no dancing, no buffet tables, limited attendance in indoor rooms, some activities moved outdoors, and many other regulations that would certainly have made the Gaufest almost unrecognizable. The rescheduled 2022 Gaufest should be much more "normal" and we'll all enjoy being together again. All aspects of the planned 28. Gaufest are being carried over into 2022 -- hotels, prices, activities, etc. Keep up to date by going to Edelweiss Passaic's website or Facebook page.

More information will be available soon in the minutes of the November 15, 2020, Special Delegates Meeting. 



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