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26. Gaufest: Exciting Music Workshops Planned

The Volksmusik Stube has become a popular place to gather at any hour of the day or night at Gaufeste. The room is open starting at 6 pm Thursday night until the weekend is over. Musicians, singers, dancers, and music lovers can be found there at any time. Go there to learn a dance, share some Volksmusik, or enjoy the Gemütlichkeit. This year the room will have a few scheduled events, but the rest of the time is unstructured. The Gaukapelle will have a rehearsal on Friday. On Friday and Saturday there will be a three-part interactive workshop presented by Eric Ray of Edelweiss St Paul and Adam Levine of Alt Washingtonia. "Salzkammergut--g'sunga, g'pascht und g'tanzt!" will start with a Wirtshausliada session, then Paschen (clapping) will be added in part 2, and lastly a Volkstanz will be taught. Put all three parts together and you've got a lively performance. Take a look at the info below for more details.  See you there!

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