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Congratulations on a Successful 23. Gaufest!

The 23. Gaufest hosted by S.T.V. Maiglöckchen in Orlando, Florida is now history.  Congratulations to Paula Schumann, Gaufest Chairman and the host Verein for a wonderful Gaufest!  Approximately 1500 Trachtler attended, including 60 Trachtler from Bayern. 

The complete list of winners in the Einzelpreisplatteln and Gruppenpreisplatteln will be posted here soon. 81 Single couples competed in the Einzelpreisplatteln and 16 groups competed in Gruppenpreisplatteln.  The Bauernmesse on Saturday afternoon was a beautiful high point of the weekend.  Led by Michael Olk, Omaha, NE in the absence of Gaumusikwart Rick Michels and dedicated to Reinhold Rock of S.T.V. Bavaria Cleveland.  Members of several Vereine provided the music and choir.  The Festabend started with welcome addresses from Paula Schuhmann, Fest Chairman, Hildegard Hoffmann, Schriftführerin Bayerischer Trachtenverband, and Tom Vogt, 1. Gauvorstand, Gauverband Nordamerika. Young Trachtler enthusiastically filled the dance floor for the Jugend Massenplattler during the Festabend,  a highlight of the weekend. We all enjoyed watching the many and varied Ehrentänze and attending some excellent workshops. A workshop on how to conduct a Jugend Tanzprobe was led by Vroni Menzinger, Gaujugendvertreterin, Huosigau, Bayern; this might be a first. Music for dancing throughout the weekend was provided by D' Waidler Musi from the Bayerischer Wald, Germany and Europa. Also a newly formed group of musicians from our Gauverband Vereine, led by Andy Hacker, played some excellent music for listening and dancing. After the weekend I'm sure everyone returned home with great memories of time spent with old friends and meeting new friends as well as a lot of dancing. Wishing Tom Schuhmann a good recovery.

 Now we look forward to the 24. Gaufest hosted by S.T.V. Bavaria, Cleveland at the Kalahari Resort, Sandusky, Ohio. 

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