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Bayerische Trachtenverband DVD

A DVD about the Bayerischen Trachtenverband was presented to Tom Vogt, 1.Gauvorstand and Walter Wieand, Ehrengauvorstand by Max Bertl, 1.Vorstand des Bayerischen Trachtenverband, Otto Dufter and Hildegard Hoffmann at the Oide Wiesn September 22, 2014.  The English version of the DVD was the idea of Hans Menzinger "for our international friends".  Photographs and video are from the Archiv Bayerischer Trachtenverband e.V., Archiv Trachtenverein Weilheim e.V., Anton Hötzelsperger, Wolfgang Lehmann, Hans Menzinger and Josef Schmidbauer.  Moderators on the DVD are Evi Lell and Walter Sirch.  The music was provided by Mitteroim-Musi, Zithermusi "Kimmt no", Gaujugendmusi (Gauverband I), Fleckal Musi, Baumgartner Geigenmusi, Binahaisl Harf'nmusi and Beratzhausener Bauernmusi. The DVD was made in cooperation with the Bayerischen Trachtenverband e.V with friendly support of the Bayerischen Trachtenkultur und Trachtengeschechte e.V. and also Trachten-Pöllmann GmbH München. 

Contact Tom Vogt about the availability of this DVD.

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