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Tracht comes from the word "Tragen" meaning "to wear." Thus, Tracht means that which one wears. In the more narrow context of a Gauverband, it means the garments that we wear to represent and preserve a particular time period in Bavarian/Tirolean history and a particular community standing. That time period is generally the mid- to late 1800s; Tracht has, however, undergone minor changes since that time. The community standing is that of the rural folk in the mountainous regions.


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Articles to read on-line or download (Documents open in a new window):

  • Presentation by Hans Habereder at 2015 Gaufest:  Hans Habereder, Gemuetlichen Schuhplattler of Anaheim, made a presentation at the 2015 Gaufest on the history and evolution of Tracht. The slide show, 65 pages, is available to view or download. (Uploaded 3/27/2016)
  • 2015 Tracht Presentation at Gaufest:    Presentation at 2015 Gaufest about Tracht by Vroni Menzinger and Karin Dean-Kraft.  (Over 70 slides.)  (Uploaded 8/20/15)
  • How to Fold and Pin a Shawl:  This is a video of one way to fold a shawl.  It was shown during the 2015 Tracht Workshop.
  • Measuring Women and Men for Tracht:   Measuring for Tracht that fits beautifully takes some doing! This handout shows you what measurements need to be taken and explains how to take those measurements for greatest accuracy. The link takes you to the handout from Trachten Pöllmann and can be downloaded.
  • Munich Oktoberfest Trachtenzug 2014:   Presentation at 2014 Delegates Meeting – prepared for Gau-NA’s involvement in the 2014 Münchner Trachtenzug.  Great resource for proper wearing of Tracht.  Uploaded 5/5/2014
  • Upholding our Traditions and our Image:  Article: About Dirndls, Spensergwand, Tanztracht.  Handout for 1989 Tracht Workshop by Karin Dean-Kraft. Uploaded 9/2011
  • Individuality or Strict Uniformity?:   Article: How Tracht—including jewelry—is worn in Bavaria.  Gauzeitung Vol. 4, Issue 4 by Karin Dean-Kraft.  Uploaded 9/2011
  • Miesbacher Tracht - Spensergwand and Mieder mit dem Almakittl:  Article: Pictures and descriptions of the two types of Tracht. Gauzeitung Vol 3, Issue 10 by Karin Dean-Kraft.  Uploaded 9/2011
  • Dirndls Revisited:     Article: Origins of the Dirndl, differences between “stilecht” and “mode” (traditional or fashion), wearing a hat with a dirndl.  Gauzeitung Vol. 3, Issue 10 by Karin Dean-Kraft.  Uploaded 9/2011
  • Original TrachtArticle about the origins of Tracht, how it is worn, use of Rautenmuster handkerchiefs. Gauzeitung Vol 3, Issue 9 by Lloyd Wevang.  Uploaded 9/2011
  • Rules or PrideArticle: About make-up, hair, jewelry and uniformity when wearing Tracht.  Gauzeitung Vol 3, Issue 3 by Karin Dean-Kraft.  Uploaded 9/2011

Instructions for Sewing or Crocheting


 Don LaCourse, a member of SG Edelweiss St. Paul, presented a great workshop at the 2013 Gaufest on hairstyles appropriate to wear with Tracht and Dirndl. Don is a hairstylist and salon owner, as well as a dedicated Trachtler. The workshop was well attended and well received. Below are links to his presentation – both can be downloaded (click on “File”, then download) or viewed on line. The presentation also includes links to sources for products and more information  Uploaded 7/18/2013


  • Where to Shop in Bayern:  Advertising pages from the Heimat- und Trachtenbote. Provided as information only, not necessarily an endorsement of any particular company.  (added April 11, 2016)

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