The Tyrolean and Bavarian Zither Club, more commonly known as the Bavarian Club of Los Angeles was formed to foster the customs and traditions of the native homeland. In addition we support other organizations that also promote the German heritage such as the local German American school and radio stations that play German music.

Our dancers perform traditional Bavarian Schuhplattler dances created by the Alpine villagers hundreds of years ago. The dancers perform these dances in our clubhouse at public dances held six times a year. They also perform for various civic, cultural arts events, movie and television programs, as well as other German American club events.

The club holds dance practice and social gatherings every Friday evening at our clubhouse (except during the summer and club outings).

The club is very social and its members enjoy the fellowship of the other members as well as club outings, such as camping, picnics and weekend trips as a group to places of interest.